Monthly Archives: July 2017

Saturday, July 22, 2017

I walked at Greenlake today, Saturday, July 22, 2017.  I did about 2 circuits. There were several gals in various thongs and one topless.  There was one girl being quite pretty at the West Greenlake beach and at least another guy noticed! At one point a person or others were walking over a slackline and […]

Minneapolis & diversity hiring

Minneapolis is a city with a left-leaning council and mayor. In 2014 it was in the news that Minneapolis was having a lot of trouble finding black and Hispanic persons to serve as police, because the city wanted to have a police force that reflected the community in terms of racial diversity.  Either not enough […]

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

I walked at Greenlake today, two circuits.  This was walk    and circuits One young woman complimented me on my shorts, which were the usual fringe skirt! One gal was sunbathing topfree but facedown! Here are some of the photos of the day. Also, in taking photos of myself, I finally managed to produce some […]

Monday, July 17, 2017

I missed Greenlake today and partly I was taking a relative to a doctor visit. Here are some fun photos anyway . . . including Sonia at Twin Peaks.  They had bikini week at Twin Peaks and had the girls wear sarongs or other coverings to cover their bikini bottom or butt! I loaned Sonia […]