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This post is to create a place for comments for those who wish to share their experiences as cheerleaders, dancers or others about wearing short skirts and those skirts flying up at times, either due to wind, dancing, walking, running or similar things.  I am involved in a lawsuit against the city of Seattle re their anti-voyeurism law.  I believe that there are gals who wear skirts that fly up due to wind, walking, running or other similar recreational or athletic activities. Although it may be said that they have covered their butt and panties with clothing, their butt and panties became temporarily visible or were visible from certain points of view.  Perhaps their butt and panties were partly covered and partly uncovered . . . perhaps they were covered from some points of view and exposed from other points of view.

The reason for my lawsuit is not to encourage voyeurism, but to ensure that any anti-voyeurism laws are only used when there is a violation of a reasonable expectation of privacy.

Please post only what is truthful and avoid embarrassing a school or team.  No names of schools needed . . . No locations needed if you would feel uncomfortable mentioning that, but a county or state would be nice, if possible.  If you were not a cheerleader or a dancer and wish to contribute, please feel free to do so.  For privacy reasons, you have the option of using no last name or an initial or whatever you would be comfortable writing . . .  However, first and last name is preferable, if possible.

If you were a cheerleader and if you walked outside of school property to and from home or a bus stop or a car or bus or a hotel or any other place than school property, and if and when your skirt flew up, that story would be helpful . . . You could also generalize and let us know the kind of things that would happen in these cases.

If by chance you sat on a ledge or a counter in such a way that others could see some of your butt or panties simply by passing by . . . or if by lying face down others would often see your panties those are helpful things to include.  If you experienced nipslips or panty slips at times, that  is also helpful.

The Seattle Municipal Code says that if a person has covered an “intimate area” such as butt or panties and if you lack her or his permission to photograph her or that area, it is illegal to photograph her or him or that area.  It does not have as an element of the crime that the photo be a violation of a reasonable expectation of privacy.  (The state of Washington law does, however.)

Here is some of the Seattle Municipal Code . . .

A person is guilty of Voyeurism in a Public Place if he or she intentionally records or transmits an image of another person’s intimate areas covered by clothing and the image is taken while that person is in a public place and without that person’s consent.

The way that intimate areas are defined, that would include butt, panties and brastraps . . . intimate areas per the code include all or part of the butt and they include items or parts of items of underwear which had been covered with clothing . . .



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  1. Natalie M.

    I was a cheerleader for 6 years in Seattle, WA. It was very often that I’d have to go outside of school grounds with my uniform on (a crop top and a short skirt with bloomers underneath) and many times I know people could see my butt. Since I started cheering so young I guess I kind of got used to being exposed. Our team would practice flips and roundoffs in public parks, so I’m sure anyone who was looking could see my butt. Besides my cheer experience, I often wear short skirts on a habitual basis and wear underwear that matches because I know that I cannot help it if the wind comes in at the wrong angle. I also go up these certain stairs almost everyday where someone could see my butt from below because there are huge gaps between the stairs.

  2. Cassandra Morgan

    My name is Cassandra and I began dancing and practicing cheerleading moves shortly after watching the first episode of Ed McMahon’s Star Search in 1992 at the age of seven, specifically the Junior Dance competition during the first half of the season, and subsequently the Teen Dance competition during the second half of the season.

    As a matter of record, I danced from 1992 at school events all through my high-school years which ended in 2005. I was first a cheerleader for a Pee Wee football team for the 1995 and 1996 seasons. I wore the traditional cheerleader attire which at times exposed my butt cheeks (and at times my vagina accidentally), but there was no avoiding that. My mother would inform me that people were taking pictures of our cheers and even videos. But I knew even at 10 years of age that my panties were showing, or at times on difficult cheers, my butt cheeks were briefly exposed as well as my training bra from a side view. Even at a natural cheer stance, side views of my little breasts were visible because my mother and others told me so. As a cheerleader, I knew this was the intention so as to titillate crowds. I didn’t mind being photographed despite the above as these were all brief, natural occurrences.

    From 1997 until 2005 I was either on the junior varsity or varsity cheer team in Texas (Collin County). Our squad performed on and off campus in school activities and in open competitions. I was fully cognizant that as I matured the cheeks of my butt were more visible given the nature of our uniforms and our style of cheers. I knew this was all a part of being a cheerleader. I was the lightest cheerleader on the team and would be thrown into the air by my male cheer mates. I was acutely aware that my buttocks (and sometimes my inner thighs and parts of my vagina or pubic hair) would show as my skirt flew up. However, my skirt always flew up because I was either running, jumping or being tossed into the air. Nevertheless, these were all brief in nature and did not affect me in the least.

    Our team also had a cheer where we would bend over to the audience and shake our butts. Again, I was mindful that my butt cheeks were on display and that others were conscious of it as well. Again, this was simply a part of being a cheerleader. I knew that even as we ran or jumped that parts of my butt would sometimes be on display. I also knew that bending over resulted in showing some of my breasts. Of course, I was also aware that I was being photographed by people in the stands, on the sidelines, and by local newspaper people. This also never bothered me in any fashion.

    Off campus cheer competitions were held all the time and we’d travel throughout Texas. Obviously, not every cheer team can perform at once. Therefore, I would sit or lie down on my stomach when watching the other teams. I remember once I was so engrossed by a team and was lying on my side that I wasn’t aware that my breasts were clearly visible. I never made a big deal of it because that was true of 99% of the cheer teams at competitions. Our uniforms were designed in a manner where no matter what position I happened to be in, some part of my body would be exposed. For example, when I lay on my stomach, my panties were visible. In fact, panties, bras and even my nipples would be on display at times and this was true of my cheer mates also. I also wore tight panties as did most others and I knew my butt cheeks were on display and being videoed or photographed. Even when walking to school in my cheer uniform my skirt would sometimes get caught up in the Texas wind and blow up exposing my panties. It happened many times. Also, we’d all wear our cheer uniforms out in public to go eat or when traveling to the hotel. Numerous times I knew my butt cheeks were visible, though only fleetingly. In fact, while sitting in a lobby of a hotel I observed a male taking photographs of me in my uniform. This is because when sitting it is natural for a high thigh or a partial butt cheek to be visible. I expected this and was never offended.

    Having read the words of the Seattle law as it concerns voyeurism it would have been considerably disingenuous to assert that my butt or my chest was covered with clothing because quite frankly the covering was irregular. Conversely, it would be obviously misleading to say that my butt or breasts were uncovered, because in fact I had clothing on. Obviously, if I had been dancing or performing cheers in Seattle, people would have seen my butt, possibly my vagina, my high thighs, and thus be subject to violating the Seattle Municipal Code.

    I danced salsa after high school in 2005 all the way until 2010, at which point I stopped dancing altogether except for impromptu dancing at social gatherings. Dancing had remained in my blood so I joined a salsa group. In fact, I was a member of and participated in a Dallas, Texas (DFW) area salsa dancing group. Salsa dresses are designed where skirts always fly up and undergarments are routinely exposed. In addition, my favorite dress had side views of my breasts and was also low enough to show my breast cleavage. I wore this not only in clubs and at parties, but on the street to and from destinations. Anybody passing by had a side view of my breasts, or if they were above me, could see an ample portion of my breasts. I have had pictures taken of me in my dress my many people and never gave it a second thought. Indeed, people come to salsa performances not only because of the skills of the performers, but because they are expecting to be titillated. This is all quite natural in salsa dancing and I have always been cognizant of that fact.

    Now that I have stopped dancing, I still get plenty of exercise. I jog in a local park, work out, and occasionally swim in a bikini at one of the local public pools. The very nature of my jogging clothes is such that my butt cheeks are visible. In addition, if I bend over (which I do when I stretch before running), my breast cleavage is clearly visible. This is true of the vast majority of women joggers in all of the Dallas area I’ve ever had occasion to observe.

    As stated above, I occasionally swim in a local public pool. I wear a bikini at all times while at the pool. Obviously, a bikini clearly displays my butt cheeks and portions of my breasts. This, just like my cheer uniform and salsa dress, reveals parts of my body to the public. I accept the fact and have no qualms about it.

    Finally, in Texas the temperature can reach as high as 115 degrees. I dress accordingly, that is, I wear loose clothing when it is hot. I wear shorts that sometimes reveal my upper thigh, and at times a hint of butt cheek, especially if I am sitting on a ledge or on stairs. My tops are at times low cut, allowing me to tan and let the breeze cool me down. Naturally, my cleavage is visible and people look. I accept that.

  3. zaitzeff Post author

    Here is a comment from Keisha in Los Angeles county . . .

    I would like to say to everyone. It is a know. fact that when you are walking. or out in public. place things. happen for when. your walking. things move especially. when you have on cheerleading clothes. so if someone. looks at and you. can’t deal with maybe you shouldn’t. be on the cheerleading. squad. I mean really this the United. states. of America. you r free to look. maybe not touch. but I got all time when. I was a cheerleader. and sometimes. I didn’t. mind as long as people. didn’t. touch. me I see it all the time and it happened. to me my daughter. and a list of all kinds of people. and it’s going to keep. happen. to more so just don’t let your kids be in cheerleading. and that’s just that have a great life.

    Her post is found here

  4. Jamie

    When I was younger, we’re talking five, maybe six years old, I realized that I didn’t have the”ladylike”abilities that other girls my age seemed to possess. My mom was always after me for the way in which I say, stood, even played while wearing a skirt or a dress. I didn’t pisses the natural, or so it is called, discretion needed to be a proper young lady.
    So, to be quite honest, when I became a cheerleader in high school, I found it rather ironic and slightly tantalizing that I was ordered to wear a tiny skirt one day a week at school and also on game days, the likes of which is impossible to refrain from accidently giving everyone a peek at my shop called unspeakable areas.
    Maybe it was a form of rebellion, or maybe I was just following the guidelines given us cheer squad, that’s neither here nor there, but regardless, with each split, jump, and lift, the entire school was glimpsing what I was told was not acceptable.
    There was a little bit of a rush from doing something I had been taught was bad at the direction of the authorities, however, never did I think of it is a violation of my rights or the audiences. After all, we aren’t puritans, or the school board wouldn’t have approved them, right? Maybe that was the catalist, there’s a little bit of an addictive quality to knowing someone could catch a glimpse of your nipple or more. Anyway, I started noticing that at times I was unaware of the fact that I was sitting or standing in a way which gave people, usually men a chance to see things that should, by law, be covered. On more than one occasion I’ve caught myself in a rundown with no panties on at all wearing a short dress and, for instance pumping gas. The wind came up and my shorty was flown up on a busy city street for all to see.

  5. Trinity

    The Nip-Slip and Other Travesties

    Not until about grade 7 did I realize what late bloomer meant. When I finally started growing breasts, and hair in strange places, everything changed. Fun fact; you can’t dance without costume malfunctions.

    The first time, walking from our bus to the hotel, during competition season. Our coach makes us walk in formation into the hotel, then we can break up once we’re inside. I really had to use the restroom, so I went in by myself. The outfits we were consisted of black jazz shoes, black fishnet tights, a black and red corset dress with a mini skirt, and a little black and red mesh top hat and veil.

    When I come out of the bathroom, I notice nothing. We head up to our dressing room to warm up and stretch before we go on, then we walked to the vending machine to go get waters then walked back up to the room. That was when my best friend Hayden tapped me on the shoulder. “Sarah.” She said, “I can see your butt.” Unknown to myself, I had been walking around the hotel with my skirt stuck in my waistband, flashing everyone.

    Growing into my body, things only got worse. In 8th grade, we went to Orlando for dance nationals. I fell asleep while we were relaxin on the beach, I had untied the back and neck of my bikini (I was laying face down) so that I could get an even tan on my back. When I woke up, I rolled over so I could tan the front of my body. I laid there for a little under 10 minutes before I heard I group of boys whistling. I had forgotten my top was undone before I rolled over!

    Now this one is a knee slapper. I joined my high school dance team my sophomore year. We have to wear these spandex pants that are tight at the thigh and loose at the ankle, these are known as jazz pants. At the end of football games, we would always do the fight song, which involved a toe touch when we said “With the banner flying high.” My new best friend Kyndel and I have danced for years, so we both have hyperexptended toe touches. Not good in combination with tight pants!

    At the very first football game, both of us hit our toe touches and our pants split straight down the crotch. We landed and we just stood there looking at each other instead of continuing the cheer. We both hid the split with out letterman’s, I remember being so embarrassed.

    I posted a picture of Instagram about two weeks ago of me doing a tilt/leg extension in some shorts. It was up for about fifteen minutes before I realized that you could definitely see my vagina, the shorts were way to short!

    Similarly, last week, I was trying to send a few naughty pics to my boyfriend via snapchat. I took a picture of me in my jeans and a bra (thanks god it wasn’t a full nude) and sent it. 12 minutes later, he hadn’t responded, which is unusual for him. I checked snapchat and realized I hadn’t even sent it to him, I had posted it on my story. Thankfully only rwenty-something people saw, and no one had screenshotted it!

    It was only yesterday that a similar incident to my middle school incident occurred. My boyfriend and I went to the Melting Pot, a rather high class restaurant. I was wearing an orange crochet dress and a black thong.

    Again, after excusing myself to the restroom, I came back to the table and my boyfriend jumped up and ran over to me. He nonchalantly pulled my dress out of where it was caught in my thong, removing my bare butt from the view of everyone! Thank god for good boys like him!

  6. Mary

    Flashing in Arts and Athletics

    As a young girl, I would practice cheerleading stunts with my older sister and her friends, simply because I truly enjoyed being high up in the air. I began cheering formally since age 10, my first year of middle school. Because I weighed about 65 pounds and was a year younger than other students in my grade, I was always a flyer, the girl on the “top” of most cheer stunts. Naturally, this is the position that attracts the most attention during these stunts. While you know you are being looked at, you don’t always know what you may be revealing. The fact is, for cheerleaders, dancers and other athletes, there are dozens of stunts, jumps and dances that leave exposed more than a person might have intended.

    The first time I knew I had briefly flashed a large crowd of people was during a pep rally in front of my entire school, including teachers and some administrators. The big stunt of the routine was my basket toss, where I performed a toe-touch at the top. Because I was so tiny, my short skirt rose nearly up to my breasts, exposing my buttocks and the edges of my panties to the crowd. Surprisingly, nobody made a big deal about this, possibly because the feat of small girls launching another tiny girl dangerously high in the air was the more impressive sight than one girl’s body parts or underwear. Besides, this is not an uncommon event in cheerleading, which demands a degree of comfort with one’s own body and the bodies of your team-mates. Shaking hips and deliberate flipping up of these short skirts are common, and everyone eventually touches everybody else for one reason or another. “Ground-up” lifts require a hand on the behind and are sometimes done with the flyer’s back to the audience, causing her panties to ride up. I cannot count the number of times I was lifted in this fashion–often into a heel stretch or “scorpion” position, both of which stretch the legs so far that at least the cheer bloomers are seen. Bloomers are supposed to solve the problem of bodily exposure, but every precaution in the world can’t prevent unintentional “flashing.” Indeed, bloomers often have cheerleader’s names or mascots sewn on the back and are designed to draw attention to the girls’ behinds. Some cheers even require flipping up that traditional skirt to reveal these bloomers–partly for playful fun, but no doubt also for the titillation of the crowd.

    This type of unintentional view also happens in musical theatre, far more often than most people realize. At 14, I starred in Guys & Dolls, which features a lot of swing dancing and stunts, generally where the men are throwing women in 1940s-style dresses between their legs, over their shoulders, or around their bodies. It’s very impressive-looking from the audience’s perspective, and certainly a difficult style of dance to master. But for audience members who look closely at any one young lady on the stage, panties, butt checks, and even the occasional vulva slip occur with these types of moves. Try to imagine a way where a girl in an A-line dress being thrown across the floor between her partner’s legs then having to jump to her feet will not, at some point, have her skirt near her shoulders. It simply can’t be done, and if that young lady is facing the audience–as me and my fellow performers often were–it is a full-frontal view of whatever happens to be there at the time. In the age of video, filmed performances can be slowed down to repeat these “slips” at slow motion over and over, and even posted on YouTube for the whole world to see. Is that the fault of the dancer? The choreographer? Or the person choosing to take advantage of a legitimate art-form for their own kicks?

    My older sister was a ballet, tap, jazz, and lyrical dancer throughout her entire teens. One evening she was coming home from her lyrical class, meaning she had to cross a public sidewalk to get to the parking area to wait for her ride. Standard attire for this class was tights, a camisole top, and a lyrical skirt, which is simply a wrap skirt with a tie at the waist. As it happened, this was a windy evening and her class let out in the middle of rush hour traffic on a rainy street. Dancers were discouraged from wearing underwear beneath leotards or with camisoles, as they create unsightly panty lines in the skirt. So all throughout practice, any time her leg was raised to hip level or higher, anyone with line of sight to the mirror, including other dancers, the instructor, or visitors and parents sitting in, was able to see her buttocks or vulva depending on the angle. While mildly embarrassed, she didn’t mind so much, because other dancers were in similar situations–some had leotards on so perhaps only their butt cheeks or tufts of public hair were apparently visible during fast turns, kicks, or leaps. However, it was when she was walking to the car with a group of two other dancers that the wind completely blew her skirt in such a fashion that it unwrapped briefly. In this case, everything below her waist was on display, however briefly, but concealed only by sheer, nude skin-toned tights. Though clearly unintentional, her moment of public nudity only occurred because of a dress code that existed for the aesthetic reasons of the art form–exactly how many people saw her in this state is unknown, but it could have been anyone on the sidewalk, in a passing vehicle, or waiting in the lot to pick up other teen dancers.

    Unintentional flashing isn’t restricted to athletics and art; iit happens to ordinary women in mundane situations. I’ve had more than one “Marilyn Monroe” moment myself, where an unpredictable wind created by a grate venting hot air from the commercial kitchen at my university blew up an otherwise modest knee-length skirt, exposing my thigh-high stockings with bows and matching panties to anyone happening to pass me by on a college campus. I was 16 at this time and a Freshman at a liberal arts university in Texas, and was holding books at the time, making it difficult to completely hold the skirt down while I figured out what was causing it to rise. While a couple of wolf-whistles were audible, most of the people witnessing this actually walked up to help me by taking my books or helping me off the grate that was causing the draft so that my heels didn’t get stuck. Most reactions were those of empathy, not cruelty or sheer objectivization. One gay man did mention he wished he’d had his video camera handy to capture the incident, if only because the sheer aesthetic of a woman in vintage dress with black hair reliving a film moment unintentionally would have made an excellent shot. I felt no shame–in fact, I felt relief and a bit of pride in my fellow students for being kind and having a sensible, sex-positive laugh along with me. For those who did wolf-whistle, that’s their own issue that has nothing to do with me; they’d surely take advantage of any situation like that and perhaps spend their days looking up “celebrity nip slips” on Google. That’s their problem, not mine.

    Similarly, my best girlfriend, Lexi, had a similar incident where we used to gather outside of my university’s coffee shop. This was a busy area of campus where students would congregate to chat, meet friends, relax under the oak trees, snack, and hold recreational events–on this day, there was an abstract theater group practicing what appeared to be modern dance or rehearsing for a flash mob. Lexi, myself, and two other girls were perched up on a limestone ledge we would sit on when tables weren’t available. She had chosen on this day to wear thong panties, also to avoid panty lines. There was nothing particularly notable about this day. We were just four girls drinking our coffees and smoking cigarettes while other students walked to their respective buildings for class. When we hopped up from the ledge after finishing our lattes to move along to class, none of us were particularly aware of what we were wearing until Lexi’s short blue jean skirt got caught on the bricks of the ledge from behind. It took me about eight seconds to help her dislodge the skirt from where it had been caught, and during this time her entire buttocks was completely exposed, with just a thin layer of pink lace covering her anus. Us girls were close enough to notice some shaving bumps near her panty line near the front of her very tiny stringy thong underwear. Unlike some other women like my sister, she wasn’t humiliated at all. In fact, her laughter drew far more attention to the situation than if she had been shocked or silent. She even shouted at one astonished young man passing by that he should “Get a REALLY good look! You won’t be seeing it again!” He blushed but also laughed and kept on walking. Shortly after, we all had a giggle, and she was covered back up as usual. She thought it was hilarious. After all, there were theater kids practicing nearby in skin-tight body suits. Our other friend, Kate, mentioned the irony of how we could see the men’s genitals pretty clearly through these suits, but somebody was shocked by 7 seconds of female rear end.

    Voyeurism itself most likely can’t be gotten rid of. It’s a kink as old as time, and whether you’re old, young, male, female, or any other gender identity, you risk being masturbated about or looked at with a lustful eye every time you leave the house. Some people think feet are sexy. Should we forbid the wearing of flip-flops or sandals, lest the foot fetishists are secretly getting off as you walk to work, sit on a park bench, or kick your shoes off at the beach? The very idea is laughable, but the same concept applies here, because true voyeurs are rare or at the very least rarely seen in comparison to how often natural displays of the human body, intended or not, occur.

    Life happens, and in this kind of athletics, unintentional slips of natural body parts–pre and post pubescent–just happen. If a voyeur derives perverse pleasure from that, the guilt there lies with the voyeur, not the athletes who are simply doing their job. My 12-15 year old self never intended for my panties or ass to be seen by crowds of my high school classmates and their parents, but that’s the risk of doing a toe-touch basket toss. Despite bloomers and other precautions, eliminating this possibility entirely is impossible unless dancers and cheerleaders begin performing in burkas. A person observing a dancer, cheerleader, or woman on the street should be able to take an innocent photograph, particularly when the intention is to capture a thing of beauty rather than obscenity.

    While it is true that many women do not want these unintended flashings of their private areas to happen, just as many will say it is unavoidable and even natural in sports, the arts, and everyday life. The ordinance in question in Seattle criminalizes some behavior that has no criminal intent, and perhaps worse still, contributes greater levels of shame to the human body and situations that are perfectly natural. In an age where nearly everyone, regardless of appearance, has body issues of some form of another, the last party needed to intensify this unnecessary sense of shame is the city government. The men and women who participate in cheer, theater, and dance, work very hard to make their audiences appreciate their art form and generally know that in the 21st century we are being filmed. We are aware that incidents like I have described are natural, and happen from time to time. Nobody needs to legislate around wardrobe malfunctions, as they are as old as clothing itself.

  7. Victoria V

    Throughout my life I have had many experiences with accidentally (and some not so accidentally) flashing what is hidden under my skirt. One of my favorite memories in regards to flashing was also one of my first. I was in grade school and part of a ballet folklorico dance group. Every year we would participate in the International Mariachi Conference and that year I had the chance to neon the main stage during the first dance.
    After two days of intense practice, it was the night of the performance. While getting ready, I realized I had forgotten my shorts that I was to wear underneath my dress! It was too late to go home to get a pair, and no one brought an extra set. I was stuck with having to dance without anything over my panties.
    As we got ready to begin the conference, I became increasingly nervous about the fact that at least the people on the main floor were going to see my undies! These were the big shots, prominent people of the community, and rich people who could afford the seats. I ran through the song in my head again, there were at least five turns throughout the song, that meant five chances for everyone to take a glance at my white panties. The instructors began herding us out to the stage and various other areas in the auditorium where we were to dance. I ran up the steps and to my spot st the front of the stage. Heart pounding, I heard the music start up.
    With the first step came the first flip of my skirt, here I realized that my panties would not only be visible when I turned, but every time I flipped my skirt or made arcs with it. The nerves began to rise again, but to complete my performance I had to control it. This control of nerves turned to thrill, making this one if the most exciting moments of my life.
    I looked straight ahead to keep my concentration and not shoe the rush of adrenaline which was coursing through my body. I danced that song, and the next two as well with that rush of adrenaline. I never thought the fact that someone could see a piece of clothing could possibly be so exhilarating, but it was.
    After this, I began to ‘forget’ my shorts more often, both for performances and practices. I loved the rush and feeling id knowing there was a chance that someone that I knew, and even better, someone I did not know, could see my panties. From then on, I also began wearing more skirts and cuter and smaller types of panties, to show off more and more.
    I made it part if a routine to wear the cutest pair I had with a short skirt and make attempts to show off. Everything from sitting in desks with legs open, to standing atop equipment and buildings with people walking by underneath. Sometimes I still do, 10 years later.

    One of my most memorable moments of flashing my underwear was during my sophomore year of high school. A few friends and I had stayed after classes in the band room just to hang out. I was wearing a skirt as usual, my favorite black and white layered one. At some point we decided to go by the bleachers where we decided to horse around a bit. Here, there was a chain strung between two poles, I still don’t know its purpose. We thought it would be fun to try to balance on it since we had nothing to do. One friend was able to hold still for quite a bit, and another managed to stay on only a few seconds. When it came to my turn, I fell of course, being the klutz I am! I barely had the chance to stick my arms out to break my fall. Of course in falling my skirt flew up exposing most, if not all of my underwear. It was rather embarrassing because I had not planned it, but also exhilarating for the same reason. I only wish there were more people around to see it.

    My latest experience with flashing was at a party my boyfriend hosted. I wore a short skirt since it was an intimate gathering and I was comfortable with each of them. It started a bit late and we were all drinking and having a good time. I must have been on my second or third bottle when I realized just how much I was showing to those sitting on the floor when I walked by. This seemed rather fun so I moved more sensually than before as I walked to the kitchen for more alcohol. As I was there I was asked to bring another bottle. As I got back and gave the bottle to my boyfriend, I bent extra low so that my friend behind me could get a good look at my rear. During a later conversation with this friend, I found out that this small action caused for quite some arousal both during the party as well as after that.

  8. Kylee A

    I started taking dance classes when I was five years old and started cheerleading at eleven years old. I continued both activities through high school and have worn a wide variety of outfits throughout that time. When I first started ballet as a child, I wore leotards with no tights to class every Tuesday night. I often went to the grocery store with my grandmother after class. I didn’t think anything of it at the time, but there I was walking around in public with my butt cheeks hanging out. It may have been harmless because I was so young, but it set the tone for my judgment on what was acceptable. Throughout the rest of my childhood I pursued jazz, tap and hip hop in addition to ballet, and I did recitals a couple times a year with fun outfits. Most of which had only a small piece of fabric separating my lady parts from the rest of the world. Even when there was a skirt over it, I would perform on a stage elevated from the audience so it didn’t exactly do much good. This is what I was raised to think was normal, and to this day I don’t necessarily think it is wrong. I will probably raise my children the same.

    By the time I got to middle school, I was very flexible and the perfect candidate to be a cheerleader. During auditions, I heard the term ‘bloomers’ for the first time. They were described to me as black undergarments that are like underwear I would have to wear under the cheer skirt. I remember thinking how strange that was for a school like Palo Verde with uniforms to allow, in fact mandate, I where underwear like clothes under a skirt that will surely fly up at school events. I was never the smallest one in the squad, but my skirt had many opportunities to fly up without being thrown in the air. All of our routines had at least one high kick in it. That is literally trying to open my legs as far as possible to show off how flexible I am. What is worse, as the season moved along, the elastic in the bloomers would wear out so they had a tendency to find their way up by butt crack with the continual movement of a routine. Then when my skirt flew up, I was really giving the audience a show. It would have disrupted the cheer for me to fix it before the end, so I just left it that way. My grandma yelled at me on occasion because she could see my butt during cheers from the stands. I knew if she could see it so could everyone else.

    I hit puberty in middle school while I was a cheer leader, and I learned a lot about myself (and boys) at that time. Those were the years I started to dress more provocative and get the attention of boys. By the end of eighth grade I as wearing my cheer skirt as high as I could on game days to look sexy. Then it was especially prone to fly up with a slight breeze for everyone to see what was underneath. These patterns and occurrences were repeated in high school cheer. In addition to this, I took dance as an elective in high school. Our dance show senior year had a routine to Single Ladies by Beyoncé. Our teacher brought a chest full of different dresses that we got to pick from. There were all kinds of styles, lengths and styles. All of the short ones went first, because high school girls tend to like short clothes. I think that is why students even bought tickets to the show. This year though they got extra bang for their buck. The dress I chose for this dance had sleeves that hung off my shoulders, and I didn’t want bra straps showing so I wore a strapless one for this song. Of course I couldn’t have this problem in rehearsal but during an extra bouncy part of the song my dress shimmied it way down lower than I realized and the bra shimmied with it. The whole audience got a glimpse of my nipple that night and I was mortified. Naturally, I was in the front row so it was clearly visible in the spotlight. Afterwards my dance teacher told me it’s not the first time it has happened in her time as a dance teacher and it won’t be the last. That did not make me feel better, but it shows that wardrobe malfunctions that result in exposure are common.

    As an adult I have only had one major incident that revealed my lady parts. I was out at a club with my boyfriend and best friend on a Friday night. We had a designated driver so I was set on getting wasted and going home and getting laid. With that being said, I chose a cute, short black dress with a black lacey thong as my outfit. A few hours into the night I was dancing on this long wooden block, about the height of a bench with my friend having a blast. What I didn’t realize was that we were not staying in one place while dancing. We slowly shifted my direction somehow, and I took a step back at one point and there was nothing there. I fell backwards and landed on the flow with my dress folded up in all kinds of ways. Everybody was very nice and rushed to help me up, but not before everybody saw my see through undies between my sprawled open legs. That was my lesson for dancing on elevated surfaces.

    On a day to day basis, I see women’s and teenage girls’ butt cheeks hanging out of shorts and dresses all the time. I know when I bend over at the gym many of my gym shorts are not long enough to keep everything neatly hidden. In fact, when I stretch after workouts I often like to get my inner thighs so I sit down with my legs as far apart as possible like I learned to stretch in dance. I have noticed on more than one occasion my underwear are not wide enough to keep my all covered in this position and my shorts are loose enough to make this obvious to onlookers as well. People are not walking around in see through clothes all the time, but somehow unspeakables still get out there. It is common and is not going to change.

  9. Claire C

    When I was in high school, I experienced this. It was a sunny day, so my friends and I were sitting outside for lunch. I was wearing a pink, scrappy sundress, which was cute but fairly modest. It was an early spring day, and quite windy. I was on the side walk, walking back to my class, when a sudden gust of wind blew my skirt up. I was wearing a fairly skimpy pair of underwear, and they were exposed briefly. The portion of my butt not covered by the underwear was briefly exposed.

    Another similar experience occurred when I was on vacation in California. I was wearing a cute bikini. Due to losing weight, the bottoms were a bit baggy. I jumped in the ocean, and swam vigorously for a few minutes. I got up to leave the ocean, and it took me a few seconds to realize that my bottoms had fallen off. In this time, I exposed my entire butt and crotch. I quickly realized my mistake and fixed the problem, but not before exposing myself!

  10. Teresa M

    I have been modeling since i was 17..last month I was working with a photographer who really wanted to shoot nudes but we were right off of a busy road. I calmly stripped all the way down and posed naked as cars passed and honked..something liberating about showing yourself in public. My nipples were so cold and hard even after I put my clothes back on. I decided it was thrilling so I put my dress back on with no panties and purposely let my dress ride up when I stopped at the gas station and exposed myself!

  11. Teresa M

    Also, I did cheer all throughout grade and high school. There were so many times i forgot my “lollies” (these are the matchy little ‘panty covers’ that all the cheerleaders are supposed to wear that go over your underwear so your panties don’t show).. I had to just cheer with my panties or thong a lot of times. I was one of the only gymnasts on the squad so it was always me flipping through the crowded gym and in front of parents or at parks with my little thong showing or even days where i forgot both my lollies and panties! I never thought much of it until someone complimented my panties and I wasn’t wearing any — assuming that meant he got a full look at the goods! I felt myself turn red but the most peculiar part was that I wasn’t even ashamed..I liked it!

  12. Teresa M

    After cheer practice my 2 best girlfriends on the squad and I would walk to the ice cream place next door all the time, and on a particularly crisp and windy Saturday we hit the cross walk just in time for a HUGE gust of wind. It whipped up all 3 of our cheer skirts for several seconds relentlessly and our butts were exposed in front of everyone at the stoplight!

    2 Summers ago on a trip to Mexico with my family, I wore my favorite pleated mini skirt. I didn’t have any underwear left so I went without since it wasn’t breezy at all. While we were walking through the local shops a truck went by and all that fast, hot air whirled my skirt up and tucked it under my shirt!! I fixed the front hastily but didn’t know the back got stuck up..I probably walked 100 more feet before I realized it!!!!

    Another time, walking on the beach with my best friend after swimmimg, I decided not to put my swimsuit bottoms back on so I didn’t get it skirt wet! We walked along the ridge and I could feel the wind lifting my skirt..gently at first. I remember hoping it would lift more, and not 2 moments later a good gust lifted it straight up over my head. After pushing my skirt down i realized to my right there was a huge group of guys from another school drying off – all eyes on me. My heart skipped a beat and my cheeks flushed but I loved the feeling inside so I smiled!

    -Teresa M, Scottsdale, Arizona

  13. Teresa

    The following is a different story from the story of my walk after swimming!! My best friend and I were in a beach wedding as bridesmaids for another mutual friend of ours! The bridesmaids dresses were short and flowy, gorgeous and perfect for a beach wedding! They were a pale blue with a beautiful Grecian feel! I had packed in a hurry because my alarm clock didn’t go off when it should have and in my rush I forgot to pack panties!!! After the wedding my friend and i decided to sneak off and enjoy the beach alone. We walked along the edge of the water barefoot, sandals in hand, and came across a team of 8 guys being trained to be lifeguards. Their red shorts, and shirtless bodies glistened with the salt water and we watched in awe like something out of Baywatch!

    We got closer and closer to them and just as we were approaching them to say hello a massive torrent of wind danced up our dresses, JUST enough to make them lift up! Luckily for my friend she was wearing little blue cheeky panties, but me? Oh yea! Commando all the way! My skirt fluttered high above my waist and lingered. I could feel all their eyes on me. In those few seconds I could feel a few things. I could feel my face flushing with red, but inside I wasn’t embarrassed.

    The second thing I could feel were butterflies..I couldn’t tell if those came from nerves or something else….I could feel the cool breeze dancing around my butt and more. What really only lasted seconds felt like minutes, hours even! Long after my friend fixed her dress in a fluster of embarrassment, I let mine continue to lift and ripple above my butt knowing every one of those lifeguards in training is getting the full view! I could feel a wetness and tingling of arousal get more and more intense but before I could climax the startling sound of a whistle in my ear brought me back to reality. Still the eyes of the glistening men were on me but I felt an empowerment this time. I gently fixed the skirt on my dress, winked, and turned with my friend to walk back towards the wedding party. i will never forget this day. It was a sexy yet secret moment I learned a few things about myself that led me to great things!


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